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National Association of Federal Retirees

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For 2016 Annual Regional Conference information, please see our Conference page.

Branch Event information for 2015/2016 has been updated.

Please check the appropriate Branch Event Page for more info.

Founded under the name Federal Superannuates National Association, FSNA now operates as the
National Association of Federal Retirees.

This new operating name more accurately reflects our members
and who we serve. FSNA is a not-for-profit association dedicated
to protecting the benefits and promoting the interests of federal retirees.

The Canadian Public Employee Acquisition Club

Open to ALL Federal Retirees

CPEAC operates an exclusive program not for, or accessible by the public. The only prerequisite is that
you are Canadian Public Employee or Retiree. The only way you can see the great specials is by registering.

When you register, you gain access to the Key Link newsletters which contain deals available only
for members. Being a club member means you will be able to receive extraordinary incentives on goods
and services, and you will be able to suggest goods and services that you wish us to negotiate on your behalf.

The more members we have, the more leverage we will have with manufacturers when seeking out deals.

Register now at

Active Living Coalition for Older Adults

Membership in FSNA gives our superannuates access both directly and indirectly to a range of information and services.  In the case
of the Regina & Area Branch, FSNA Saskatchewan gives us an enfranchised voice at the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism, where coincidentally three of our members are on the SSM Executive Committee.  By extension, the SSM is a member of ALCOA, the
Active Living Coalition for Older Adults, which is a national body that promotes active healthy lifestyles based on significant research
into such subjects as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, ageism, nutrition and senior-friendly effective exercises.

While ALCOA research updates are available to subscribers bilingually at, in 2011 a new publication, SilverTimes 
or in French, (Les belles années) promised to make the health promotional material more available.  The first edition was widely
acclaimed and well received, but unfortunately the sponsoring advertiser opted to shift financial priorities elsewhere and so the
Silver Times decided to continue solely as an electronic publication. That means that many older adults no longer have direct access
to the range of appropriately researched topics such as (active living, healthy eating, chronic disease, mental health, women's
health, men's health  and safety at home and outside).  But anyone with internet surfing access can (and should) visit
for easy to use information from ALCOA.  

You and Your Survivors

You and Your Survivors is a workbook designed especially for FSNA members and their families to assist with estate planning.  Each new member receives a copy. This book includes various sections to complete and update as the situation evolves. It will facilitate the job of your executor(s) as it will provide them with all information they need in one place. You and Your Survivors should be reviewed at least once a year.  To help keep the information updated, the FSNA web site gives you access to the FSNA forms included in the manual.
 It describes the rights of survivors in accordance with various pension plans.  It also provides information on various government and non-government departments. For more information on this topic, you may wish to visit the You and Your Survivors page of the FSNA National website.


Seniors are targeted for many different reasons that include loneliness, lack of family support, age, vulnerability, and for health-related reasons such as Alzheimer's. Seniors are particularly susceptible to telephone fraud because their generation tends to be more trusting and less likely to hang up the telephone on someone who appears to be very friendly. The effects of this brutal crime have resulted in ruined family lives, great financial losses and suicides.

Learn more about how to avoid being a victim of fraud.

The Fraud Cent$ Toolkit for Seniors is available free of charge from the
Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism website.

To order your copy go to:
Fraud Cent$ Toolkit for Seniors
or the
Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism Website

Our Mission

 Promote the interests and protect the benefits of federal pensioners now and in the future

FSNA is recognized by the Government of Canada as the major representative of pensioners from the Canadian Forces, the federal public service, the RCMP, and retired federally appointed Judges.

FSNA not only represents its own members but that it also represents, in some instances, ALL federal retirees from the Public Service, the RCMP, the Canadian Forces and the federally appointed court judges communities - and that it is the ONLY organization to be so recognized by Government.

While the unions do have retiree guilds and associations, they represent only a small portion of the public service. Founded in 1963, FSNA is a national not-for-profit association.

FSNA in Saskatchewan

Under the guidance of a National Director and Regional Services Officer, Saskatchewan has 8 Branches. Regina and Moose Jaw were established in 1966; followed by Saskatoon in 1970; Prince Albert in 1986; Swift Current in 1987; Northwest Saskatchewan in 1988; Yorkton-Melville in 1989; and, last but not least, the Melfort & District Branch. The FSNA members at our 8 Saskatchewan branches now total over 4,000!

To learn more about FSNA and what it can do for you, please read

What is FSNA?
The FSNA Historybook

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